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Slaw Dogz got its start with a trip down south to be with our mother as she was having surgery. As our family sat in the waiting room, we all became hungry. Our father brought us back a “slaw dog,” which we honestly weren’t too eager to try! But once we tasted this unique southern- style dog, we all fell in love. We decided we had to bring this taste back home to Michigan.

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Since our opening in September 2019, people from all over the state have come to love the gourmet hot dogs and southern-influenced flavors of Slaw Dogz. Not only do folks born and raised down south come in to get a taste of home they can’t find anywhere else in Michigan, our twist on traditional Coneys, new inventions, and vegan/vegetarian offerings mean there’s something at Slaw Dogz for everyone.


We are a true family business, proud to be serving the families of Clinton Township and Metro Detroit. We can’t wait to share our fresh and fabulous food with you!

With love,
Kevin & Karlin


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